jobs for 13 year olds, Summer jobs for 13 year olds pet sitting

Summer jobs for 13 year old

jobs for 13 year olds, Summer jobs for 13 year olds

Summer jobs for 13 year olds – Farm work

Summer, school’s out, vacation’s in. Yet you, a thirteen year old junior high student do not want to waste your time being a potato couch, or just sleeping all day? Time to take a look at a list of summer jobs for 13 year olds, and see what you can do to make good use of your spare time and earn some money on your own. If you don’t mind working outdoor under the sun, yard work like lawn mowing is a good choice. Otherwise, you can try pet-sitting which is rather simple, or babysitting which requires far more skills.

Farm Work

According to the Department of Labor, teens as young as 13 are permitted by law to work in agricultural setting, provided that the work takes place outside of school hours. Summer is an ideal time when there is no need to attend school. If you want to work on the farm, written parental consent is required. Workers on farms might grow crops, harvest them, and feed and care for animals. Some states restrict the number of hours teens can work, so check your local laws for specifics.

Yard work

If every house in your neighborhood has a small garden, the chance to have a summer job is here for you to grab at. Lawn mowing is a great job to explore. Be sure to determine whether you will use your home mower or the homeowner’s mower, though. In addition to lawn mowing, children can also help out with other yard work that homeowners need. Various tasks could include raking leaves, spreading mulch, or planting flowers.

Pet Sitting

jobs for 13 year olds, Summer jobs for 13 year olds pet sitting

Summer jobs for 13 year olds – Pet sitting

Among summer jobs for thirteen year olds listed above, this might be the most simple. Families take vacations in the summer, and oftentimes they need someone to watch their pets or farm animals. Teens can earn some cash by caring for these animals. The work is not always as fun as it sounds, but pet lovers may find it enjoyable. You will need to give pets fresh food and water, clean any messes they leave behind, play with the pets and perhaps walk them too. Many pets require daily interaction.


Babysitting is a popular summer job to explore when school is out. Babysitters must monitor the children closely to ensure safety. A babysitting teen might prepare meals for children. Many children are eager to interact with their babysitters, and so babysitters should be friendly and open to elementary level games. The job may be fairly demanding, as children need constant attention. Hence, it is recommended for highly responsible teens. (Read more babysitting jobs for 13 year olds)

Besides, you can choose online jobs like survey-filling. You will simply get paid taking short anonymous surveys on things like movies, magazines, TV and hundreds of other products and topics.

Since the minimum age for non-agricultural work is fourteen, there are not many summer jobs for thirteen year olds. It is, of course, still highly possible for you to find a job, if you have enough determination.

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    Oh that’s great, 13-year-old can still work in accordance with this age group. My son is a very naughty boy, but I think by taking the time to do useful work not only equipped with the skills for him, but also have the opportunity to earn some money at an early age. This summer I’ll make him experience a sense of how to work hard, summer jobs for 13 year old :)


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